Friday, August 24, 2018

Hi bloggers today. I made this pyramid. So i made this because me and my class mates are doing our ancient civilizations so we get to pick what civilizations  and i picked Ancient Egypt and i did the pyramid.Which is one of the main thing about Ancient Egypt.

What I did to make my pyramid is that i got a image of a pyramid and i made a google drawing and put the image there so i can go over it with poly line. I went over it and colored with the color of the pyramid.  


  1. Hola Estelle
    It's me ashtyn your old school mate what a wonderful writing about Pyramids Keep up the good work!

  2. Dear Estelle,
    Its your friend Nevaeh I really liked your blog post about pyramids and civilisations it was really cool and pretty. I liked how you used a blue sky as the background and made the ground look like sand it was really awesome how you made it look like a desert because pyramids do belong in deserts in Egypt and other places I think

    Commented by: Nevaeh